Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jet's inaugural New York-Delhi flight takes off
New York:
Jet Airways' inaugural flight between New York and New Delhi with 150 passengers aboard took off Sunday from JFK airport after a brief religious ceremony at the departure lounge.This is Jet's third daily service between India and North America."The new flight is an exciting opportunity for us as it opens up another part of America's East Coast," Deepak Oberoi, Jet's regional director (East Coast & South America), told DNA.He added the flight would be convenient for passengers from areas including the eastern part of New York, upstate New York and Connecticut.Gurvinder Singh, an upstate New York businessman, agreed. "I had booked a seat on the inaugural flight two months ago," he said.The Brussels-Delhi leg of the inaugural flight Sunday had all 312 seats booked.Jet had earlier launched flights between Newark (New Jersey) and Mumbai and between Toronto and Chennai.

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