Friday, September 14, 2007

Bahrain Flights

Jet Airways planning Bahrain flights
India' largest private airline, Jet Airways, is planning to fly to Bahrain from early next year, it emerged yesterday. The carrier has applied for Indian government permission to fly to the "lucrative" Gulf routes, including Bahrain, but would not actually start operations before January next year, sources told the GDN."It is a positive development in case the go-ahead is given to us," said Jet Airways Dubai-based Gulf regional manager Shakir Kantawala."We have not heard anything concrete yet, but are hoping for a favourable development," he said. Mr Kantawala said that the Gulf was a lucrative route to operate to, with Bahrain and the UAE "growing tremendously"."In addition, Qatar is poised for rapid and dramatic growth. In all this, we would fit in perfectly," he said.Sources told the GDN that Jet had applied for flights to six Gulf destinations from next year.

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